A High-tech Way To Stay In Touch

Technology is making a big difference for small businesses that want to stay in touch with customers. A growing number of companies use the Internet to enhance communication, strengthen existing relationships and provide a personal bit. Technology One example, electronic greeting cards-eCards-can be used to inform customers of new services, thank them for their patronage or just stay in touch.   With the average cost of a paper card at a few dollars and high-end cards running, even more, this type of personalized contact previously was not practical for small companies due to money and time constraints. eCards, however, can be suitable for a variety of favorite holidays and personal events, including birthdays and anniversaries.   As an additional timesaving benefit, Plaxo eCards integrate with a company’s “smart” address book, so multiple versions of the same card can be sent to some people in minutes.  

Tips For Buying An Ultraportable Laptop

Ultraportable Laptop
Computer technology is changing rapidly, particularly for portable laptops. With everything going on with technology, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of features and options, but help is on the way. The first thing you need to think of when choosing a laptop is what you’ll be using it for. If you plan to use your laptop mainly for travel, you’re probably looking for an ultraportable laptop. This is the smallest type of laptop. They’re not as powerful as the larger models, but the travel comfortable and are very convenient. However, before you buy, there are a few things you should consider. While a smaller size is much easier to travel with, it also comes with some disadvantages. In general, the lower the laptop, the easier it’s going to break if it is dropped or smashed into something. However, this is less of a problem if you get an extended warranty. I have a larger laptop, but I carry it around a lot. I’ve had my computer less than a year and can tell you that the extended warranty has been well worth the money. I also recommend that you see and feel a laptop before you buy it to determine how sturdy it is, especially if you’re prone to dropping, banging, or stepping on things. If you can’t visit a store and see the model, try to find a friend with a similar machine, or at the least, check online reviews for comments. Another factor that can be a challenge with decreasing size is the usability of the keyboard and touchpad (or other mouse alternatives). Key can be small and very smushed on some ultra-compacts, and it is best to find one that fits your hand size and different preferences. If you’re going to be using it home as well as on the road, consider getting an external keyboard. Samsung Series They’re much more comfortable to type on than itty bitty keyboards, but you always have the option of not toting them along when you don’t have space. There are also portable wireless mice made just for people who like to travel, but don’t want touchpads. Another consideration when buying an ultracompact laptop is attaching accessories like printers and scanners. Many of these computers are so small they cannot fit the standard port to connect this equipment and will require an adapter. While not hard to use, they are one more thing to carry and remember, so you should be sure to check out what kind of adapters may be needed before making your purchase. When choosing an ultracompact laptop, you need to realize that the weight on the product listing probably isn’t the weight you’re going to be carrying. I’ve already mentioned that you may need to bring adapters, but you also have the power cable and ac adapter (you may want to buy an extra more portable one). While many new systems have them included, some ultra-compacts are made without an optical drive, so if you need one, that adds even more weight. I also already mentioned that you may want to have an external keyboard and mouse, which again will add to the carrying weight. Also, smaller computers tend to have lower, lighter batteries, which don’t last as long, so you may need to get a more substantial battery or carry an extra. As you can see, this weight tends to add up, so when you’re looking at systems, you may want to go for the slightly larger model if it will require less extra weight to be carried with it. This also means that, once you have everything packed up, small weight differences make very little difference in your total carrying weight. If you like a particular model, but it’s half a pound heavier, remember that the difference between 10 and 10.5 pounds isn’t that big. Also, remember to get a case that can fit everything you need not just the computer. As with all computers, there’s a lot to think about and consider when buying an ultracompact laptop. Be sure to look at all your options to make the best choice for you.  

Why Aluminum Laptop Cases Are So Popular

Aluminum Laptop Cases
Not too many years ago, the only place you saw aluminum laptop cases regularly was in the movies or on TV. They are the laptop carrying the case of choice for spies and government agents who must keep their Top Secret information safe and secret. Now we see them everywhere, and when we look down at our nylon case, we feel somehow inferior, even if we know that our designer bag cost much more than that classic looking metal case. So why are aluminum laptop cases so famous? One of the reasons is that we are living in a security-conscious world. While we may not be carrying the plans for a top secret weapon in our laptop’s hard drive, we are taking our most important personal and business information. The extra security of a double locking system gives us the peace of mind of knowing we can leave our laptop on our desk or kitchen table for a few minutes without danger of someone taking a quick look at what’s inside. It’s also nice to know that in case of an accident, our laptop is protected. On the road, even a minor traffic accident can throw your computer from the car seat onto the floor. On the streets, a passerby can knock our briefcase out of our hands. If that suitcase is an aluminum laptop case, the laptop inside will be protected from damage. Laptop Case Not to be forgotten is the fact that aluminum laptop cases are just very cool looking. Compare any style of aluminum laptop briefcase with those bulgy nylon cases, and there is no comparison to be made. Sleek, stylish and sexy are a few words that describe aluminum laptop carrying cases. Bulky, frumpy and boring describe their fabric counterparts. So far, we have three good reasons why aluminum laptop cases are becoming so popular. They give added security, they are tough, and they are stylish. Do they have any other advantages over standard cases? Open up an aluminum laptop case, and you will find an engineering marvel. The latches click open quickly. There are no annoying zippers to deal with. The case glides open on its sturdy hinges. Inside, your laptop and all your accessories are right there in front of you, ready to use. Isn’t that better than peering inside the dark cave inside of your cloth bag? Secure, robust, sexy and efficient: these words describe aluminum laptop cases. Is it any wonder why they are the choice of the stars? Since they are also inexpensive, what’s stopping you from catching up with the times and buying an aluminum laptop briefcase?