Why Aluminum Laptop Cases Are So Popular

Aluminum Laptop Cases

Not too many years ago, the only place you saw aluminum laptop cases regularly was in the movies or on TV. They are the laptop carrying the case of choice for spies and government agents who must keep their Top Secret information safe and secret. Now we see them everywhere, and when we look down at our nylon case, we feel somehow inferior, even if we know that our designer bag cost much more than that classic looking metal case.

So why are aluminum laptop cases so famous? One of the reasons is that we are living in a security-conscious world. While we may not be carrying the plans for a top secret weapon in our laptop’s hard drive, we are taking our most important personal and business information. The extra security of a double locking system gives us the peace of mind of knowing we can leave our laptop on our desk or kitchen table for a few minutes without danger of someone taking a quick look at what’s inside.

It’s also nice to know that in case of an accident, our laptop is protected. On the road, even a minor traffic accident can throw your computer from the car seat onto the floor. On the streets, a passerby can knock our briefcase out of our hands. If that suitcase is an aluminum laptop case, the laptop inside will be protected from damage.

Laptop Case

Not to be forgotten is the fact that aluminum laptop cases are just very cool looking. Compare any style of aluminum laptop briefcase with those bulgy nylon cases, and there is no comparison to be made. Sleek, stylish and sexy are a few words that describe aluminum laptop carrying cases. Bulky, frumpy and boring describe their fabric counterparts.

So far, we have three good reasons why aluminum laptop cases are becoming so popular. They give added security, they are tough, and they are stylish. Do they have any other advantages over standard cases?

Open up an aluminum laptop case, and you will find an engineering marvel. The latches click open quickly. There are no annoying zippers to deal with. The case glides open on its sturdy hinges. Inside, your laptop and all your accessories are right there in front of you, ready to use. Isn’t that better than peering inside the dark cave inside of your cloth bag?

Secure, robust, sexy and efficient: these words describe aluminum laptop cases. Is it any wonder why they are the choice of the stars? Since they are also inexpensive, what’s stopping you from catching up with the times and buying an aluminum laptop briefcase?


Which iPhone 5 Case Should I Choose?

iPhone 5 Case

iPhone 5 cases are intended to protect your expensive smartphone from scratches and other damages that it may sustain as a result of an accidental drop or bump. No matter how careful you may be, accidents can still happen to your cell phone. Using a protective case is a much cheaper alternative to costly repairs or parts replacements that may be required as a result of such accidents. For only a small cost, you can help prolong the productive life of your iPhone 5 smartphone.

In choosing the right iPhone 5 case to use, there are some things that you need to consider. For one, scratches and other damages can lower the value of your phone. You must, therefore, see to it that enough protection is in place to make sure that your phone is in brand new condition at all times. Following are some useful tips on how to properly take care of your phone.

1. As much as possible, never leave your 1Phone 5 exposed. – Make sure that you have protective iPhone cases for your smartphone anywhere you go. After all, you never know when you will need them. Especially when going out on trips or for a vacation, and you have to bring your phone with you, make sure that you have iPhone 5 cases with you that are suitable for the particular condition you are in.

Before going on a trip, do a little research as to the particular condition in the target location. For example, if you intend to go on an outdoor adventure, it may be good to bring an iPhone 5 case that is dust and shock resistant.

Rubber Skin Case For Apple iPhone

2. Make sure that the corners are covered. – Majority of drop tests conducted on the iPhone 5 showed a tendency to land on one of the holes. As accidental drops can sometimes happen even if you take extreme caution, extra corner protections will help prolong the life of your phone. It is therefore recommended that when buying an iPhone 5, make sure that it comes with extra padding and protection, especially on the corners.

3. Make sure that there is enough protection for the screen. – The iPhone 5 screen is not nearly as scratch resistant as the new iPad, and it, therefore, must be protected from scratches. A thin film specifically designed for this purpose may solve the problem. This way, the screen will be protected from accidental brushes with blunt or rough objects such as your car keys or other similar hard object hidden in your pocket.

4. Get a protective iPhone 5 case. – Aside from the screen and corners, other parts of your phone must also be protected. The fact can help absorb the shock of accidental bumps or falls on hard surfaces such as concrete floors, and help save the phone from incurring unnecessary and potentially expensive damages. After all, these accidents can be avoided in the first place. You just have to find the right iPhone 5 cases for your particular needs.

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Going insane was a luxury. It’s the going, that’s the treat. Going suggests travel, moving. There was no going. The madness was constant and still, sitting there, like a place on a map. The women in the beautifully brutal film 12 Years A Slave were mangled and maliciously intertwined.

It was where they lived, where they were from, born and bred into mundane inescapable crazy.

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The twisted relationship dynamics between the two lead female characters Patsey and Mistress Epps in 12 Years A Slave are a horror. A painfully vivid illustration of the dank gnarly negotiations women had to make with each other to survive the demonic conditions of American slavery. The film fearlessly exposes a suppurating historic wound between Black and White women so wicked and utterly honest, it is both repulsive and liberating to witness.

We see the dark and sweet Patsey, doubly enslaved by virtue of her race and beauty, sway for a moment, let go like a girl, do a slow twirl. She is loose trying to lose herself, and she slips, for a moment, into a trance induced by the sound of her only friend Solomon’s sad singing violin. His is almost music. She is almost dancing. It is all almost a human moment.

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All of a sudden she goes limp, drops, knocked back into the terror of her life, by a heavy crystal decanter hurled at her head by Mistress Epps.

All of a sudden, she is once again a battered pile of dirty black woman parts wrapped in rags down on the floor. Mistress Epps is hate, full, guided and preserved by it. Patsey, the object, the affliction. She is, in Mistress Epps molested mind, literally the mistress.

Her husband Edwin Epps is addicted to Patsey, a deadly habit he will not kick, not for his wife, not for her dignity nor her sanity. The Mistress publicly demands Edwin rid himself and her home of the disease that is Patsey. He not only refuses his wife, he comfortably humiliates her.

Claiming his desire for the puddle of nasty nigger wench at their feet. The Mistress is frozen, stunned powerless by her husbands white male supremacy while Patsey is dragged away into darkness.

Patsey and the Mistress Epps personify Black and White American women’s painful slave legacy. American slavery was an insidious economic institution devised to benefit a minority of white Christian men, predicated on systemically preventing others access or the ability to establish alliances. Society has discussed how slavery successfully branded Blacks as inferior and sub-human, yet have we ever fully faced the brain washing, torture and rape terrorism practices slavery inflicted on Black and White women?

Are white privileged women jealous because their husbands had sex and lusted after black women right in their faces?

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Do they believe the enslaved black women, purposefully seduced their white men, did they think they wanted to be raped?

Are black women in the eyes of white women, the original whores, the quintessential sluts? A sickening set of propositions, but the institution of slavery was such a sick situation for women to be in.

An evil woman is easy to understand. Mistress Epps makes clear white women bound in slavery were far more complicated than pure evil. She is in a tumultuous rage.

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A white woman’s rage: privileged with no position, positioned with no power, powerful with no promise of independence, fidelity or safety.

The white woman could not properly direct her rage at her husband, she could not rail against white male supremacy. She too was in hell and Black enslaved women where the only ones in the chambers bellow her. So she sent her rage down and with her hot hate burned what was left of the bitches.

And the black women scorched beyond human recognition were left in pieces scattered and buried somewhere beneath hell. The concept of hell, like slavery, was designed to control and terrorize for eternity. The relationship between the mistress and the slave woman was so poisoned from its inception it could never be healed.

Is this our original sin? Could this be at the root of why Black women were cut out of the American suffrage movement when it came time for voting rights for women? Why many white abolitionist women turned their backs on the violence against southern Blacks to secure their own right to vote?

Black and White American women were doomed from the start, viciously competitive, inhuman maddening

Women’s movements can’t move in America until we have courageous honest discourse about the sadistic historic foundation of the relationship. We were systematically cultured to distrust and envy each other. We were never meant to be sisters.