Phaiser BHS-750 VS Phaiser BHS-760 a Battle Among legends


Choosing the correct earphones is not an easy task because they are an essential gadget in today’s world. Earphones are precious for everyone because they allow you to plug into music and escape into a world of your own. Be it during your morning commutation, daily workout session or evening relaxation period, earphones seem to make everything a little bit better.

And if you could make those earphones wireless, make them last hours and even make them sweatproof, it would be even better. A Good reference on Phaiser BHS-750 vs Phaiser BHS-760 – Comparison Reviewed by Experts might just be what you need if you are looking for all this, and more. This is one of my favorite comparisons from the internet they really made a indepth guide on this! Read on!

Introduction – What Is the BHS 750 and 760 Model?

Phaiser has always been underappreciated in the headphone industry which is dominated by giants like Sennheiser and Bose. However, that has not stopped the company from producing some quality headphones at an affordable price. They have specially made a mark in the niche of high-quality sports headphones. Their lower price point has contributed significantly to their success because the luxury companies do not dip from their pricing pattern.

With the launch of the BHS-750 and the BHS-760, Phaiser is aiming to increase its business and take it to the next level. However, the similarity between the two products can leave one confused about which one to buy. Our honest comparative review has been framed to help you make the correct choice.

Phaiser BHS 750 VS Phaiser BHS 760

Specification – Which One’s the Better Choice?

Both the models offer a good deal, however, a few subtle factors do make a good amount of difference.

On comparing the BHS-750 and BHS-760, we find the following.

  • While the BHS-760 is only available in a black shade, you will find the BHS-750 in a variety of colours like pink, yellow, black, blue and red.
  • Both the earphones have 8mm neodymium magnets, and offers some great comfortable fit. In fact, most of the 700 range of Phasier offers the same feature.
  • They share a common Bluetooth range of 10 meters. which ensures uninterrupted music on the go.
  • The BHS-750 has a playback time of 5 hours whereas the BHS-760 trumps it with its 6 hours playback.
  • When it comes to standby time, the BHS-750 supports 250 hours and is surpassed by the BHS-760 which has 275 hours.
  • The two earphones take approximately two hours to charge fully. With a fast charger, the time gets reduced to a half for both.
  • Phaiser offers a 30-day warranty on both the products.

Power Consumption:

phaiser bhs 760All Bluetooth headphones should have a good battery life, and these earphones have been crafted taking that into account. Phaiser is known for its Bluetooth earphones which is why they seem to have mastered the art of incorporating an excellent battery life into their products.

The battery of the 750 is large and long-lasting, which means that it can store quite a lot of power. If you charge it fully, then you can use them non-stop for almost five hours be it for listening to music or voice calls. However, the 760 beats it because this upgrade has been blessed with a more advanced battery which will give you better playback and standby time. Physically, both the batteries are the same.

While the difference is not much, one has to acknowledge that the 760 fares better.

Outward Appearance:

Phaiser Secure FitThese earphones look similar to each other in almost all respects. With a modern earbud design which makes it much more portable, their design is impressive. The limitation of colours in case of the 760 can be problematic for people who love a pop of colour in their earphones, but the classic black shade is always a sophisticated choice. If you are someone who wants a brighter shade, then you can go for the 750 because it offers variations.

However, you might note that the 760 has a better ergonomic design than the 750 model. This claim has been made by Phaiser but the change is not perceptible to most. Both the earphones are comfortable fits irrespective of that.

If you want to make a choice based on purely appearance, then the BHS-750 is a better deal.

Other features:

One must keep in mind that both these headphones are being advertised as trustworthy companions for runners. Therefore, it follows that they must be waterproof in some manner because sweat can otherwise cause a lot of damage.

Both the products are tagged as ‘sweatproof’ but not waterproof. The liquipel nano coating helps in repelling the dripping sweat but is not effective in keeping water away. It is actually quite effective, if you would see – and the company makes a bold claim that they would make an earphone replacement any day if you find that it has been damaged by sweat. Both the models carry this feature, and this lifetime warranty is a good trust indication – one that tells you the company hasn’t been just messing with your head when it comes to making some bold claims.

Pros and Cons:

pros and cons

The main advantage of the BHS 750 is the flexibility you get in choosing its appearance because it resembles or is not as good as the BHS 760 in almost every other respect. The 760 has a better battery life coupled with an ergonomic design which makes the list of pros longer.


Overall, the BHS 760 seems like a better deal to invest in. There are a good number of color choices to invest in. However, if you are looking to save some of your money, you could also go in for the 750 model. It is wireless, has a good battery life and also offers some of the best features you would find on the market.

add to it the fact that both these models offer seamless connectivity with your smart devices, whether it is an Android or an iOS one and you wouldn’t have anything to worry about here, really.

It’s a good choice – and it all depends on the features you need, and perhaps even the color you would prefer.